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Q- I already laugh a lot. Why do I need this?
A-A good sense of humor is  a blessing, and what do you laugh at? Humor nowadays has become "HORIZONTAL" rather than "VERTICAL".
it is aimed at and designed to put people down,involving sarcasm and over all aims to ridicule. At Laughter Yoga,we believe, this is not empowering at all. At Laughter Yoga sessions, we laugh with others for the pure joy of it...never at each other.

Q-These exercises are silly and ridiculous. I find them embarrassing. Why do them?
A-You think too much. Let your body play.These exercises are not silly and ridiculous.....They are fun and playful. Take the scientific approach and give them a try. When you do,please leave your mind at home. Just bring your body. Not being able to do what you want (e,g, play in a childlike manner) in a safe setting is a sure recipe to strengthen your own inhibitions and keep your heart in a concrete cage.

Q-I can't laugh. Terrible things have happened to me. Can this method help?
A-Forgive us if this sounds too harsh or insensitive to what you may be going through currently in your life....But, how long do you want to keep punishing yourself? Past is past and nothing can be done about it. How you feel now is and always remains your personal choice. Get whatever weighs on you out of you; keep a journal, join a support group, just cry, and redefine normal, get some professional help.
These exercises work for all because they are body-mind approach to  health and happiness, not mind-body. Before you know it, you will be laughing genuinely. I have personally seen this happen more times than I can remember.

Q-How can I laugh when I am so sad?
A-Take Laughter Yoga for what it is: A form of exercise. You don't need to be happy to walk. Same with laughter. Go through the motions of health and happiness and the emotions will naturally follow. We have a saying in Laughter Yoga "Fake it, fake it....until you make it."
You can't be depressed after running for one hour. Same with laughter exercises, except that here the results are much faster and much happier.

Q-How can you promote laughter when the world is in such terrible state of affairs?
A-Please understand that your perceptions in life will always validate your beliefs.  If you choose to see the are fully correct and you will proofs to validate your viewpoints. If however you choose to see positive in the same exact settings...then you are fully correct and you will find proofs to validate your point of view too.  We live in a world of duality that knows no absolutes. There is good and there is bad, light and darkness, positive and negative.  Everything comes in pairs....EVERYTHING. Which you see is your CHOICE. At Laughter Yoga, we have chosen to see the good  and we have chosen to focus on our blessings.

It is no secret that we are a Laugh deprived society.. We simple do not laugh enough during our daily dealings with life.  Laughter is disappearing because we live in a fast stressful world. Very few things can make us laugh,while we are bombarded  on TV with death, destruction, diseases, natural disasters, fear, guilt, doubt, worry, in record speeds as they happen around the world. Negative headlines makes us feel insecure inducing stress on our bodies, minds and spirits.
As a result, we have become a society of escapist, refusing to take on the healthy yet hazardous path of learning from our own mistakes and growing in the present moment.  Virtually all self defeating behaviors are efforts at living in a moment rather than the current one.


Come laugh with us.......